Android Mobile Tips and Tricks


Android Mobile Tips and Tricks to make your phone more useful.

Android is a fast growing mobile platform worldwide. Every year Google releases new Android Version.

Latest version of Google’s android platform Android Q is lunched which will come soon globally. Google keeps updating new features of Android platform. Regular updates are important to make Android phone even more useful.

There are a lot of features in Android tips and tricks, some of which we know. I am going to talk about such features which you don’t know. Only 1% people know these android mobile tips and tricks which are very important and make mobile daily usage easy.

Best Android Tips and Tricks that make your phone more efficient and convenient to use.

Check Mobile Data Usages And Set Data Limit In Android

Check Mobile Data Usages And Set Data Limit In Android
Check Mobile Data Usages And Set Data Limit In Android

Whether your data plan is unlimited, you should keep a watch on the utilization of your mobile data. To guarantee that you are using the data of your month to month plan, go to Data Usage in Settings.

Observe application which is using your data more in back ground. You can set the date scope of your data usage here and set the limits of the data. At the same time, data can be set for programmed handicapping of data limit crossing. Go To your mobile phone settings and set data limit according your data pack.

At that point drag the line of Orange shading to set the data limit. You will be cautioned when you achieve this data limit. You should think about these data sparing tips

Disable/Uninstall Bloatware

Disable or Uninstall BloatwareIn Android
Disable or Uninstall Bloatware In Android

There are lots of mobile applications pre-installed bu manufacture and carrier such applications are called bloatware. If you do not want to use them, they are just like a rush on your system, and more than that they drain the battery on the phone.

Most of the installed applications can be remove but are many applications which cannot be removed without rooting android phone. These pre loaded applications runs in background which consume your ram usages and lower your mobile performance. To disable unnecessary application on your android device, Go to Setting App Manager and click on disable button of specific applications.

Manage Default Applications

Manage Default Apps In Android
Manage Default Apps In Android

Android Provide biggest platform to the user to change the default apps for browser, call camera, etc features. Because of this such wonderful features android is growing platform in smart phone era.For changing default apps. Go to setting of your mobile device. select applications manager, click specific applications to clear default.

Turn on Don’t Disturb Mode 

Android’s Feature Don’t Disturb Mode is simple and easy setting ti be set up on your  Android smartphone. Previously, this setting was simple but later on Google update it is made little confusing.
This setting varies on different manufactures Android Device. So you enable as your Android Device setting. Go to Setting -> Do Not Disturb Here you can set the rules according to your own.

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